Spesifikasi baojun 730 Wuling penantang Toyota Inova

Setelah Wuling Confero S
Akan Hadir Wuling Sekelas Toyota Inova
yaitu Baojun 730
dengan Nama
Wuling apakah namanya?
Mari Kita tunggu tanggal mainnya.

Persaingan Mobil Kelas MPV akan semakin ketat
Wuling Mempersiapkan Model Exclusive
untuk meramaikan pasar automotive Indonesia.
Berikut Spesifikasi Baojun 730

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    Originally, 90% of parts were imported, but gradually local parts content increased
    This small van was sold as the Liuzhou Wuling LZ 110.nnIn 2002, the joint venture SAIC-GM-Wuling was formed, with SAIC taking 50.1% of the shares, GM 34%, and Wuling Group 15.9%.Wuling transferred the production of microvans and small trucks to the new company
    Since at least 2008, GM sought to increase its ownership achieving this aim c
    Its stake rose to 44%—leaving Wuling with 5.9%.nnIn 2010, SGMW created a passenger car brand to compete against indigenous products, Baojun
    The company has sold a passenger vehicle, the Chevy Spark, since at least 2007, however.nnIn late 2012, ten years after the formation of the joint-venture, SGMW opened a new factory for the production of Baojun passenger cars in Liuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, ready to produce 400,000 units per year
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