Automatic drive car Mobil Masa depan

Autonomous Car
Autonomous Car , Future Technology for Vehicle
Vehicular Automation
Vehicular automation involves the use of
Artificial Intelligence
Multi-agent System
to assist a vehicle's operator.
These features and the vehicles employing them may be labeled as intelligent or smart.
A vehicle using automation for difficult tasks, especially navigation, may be referred to as semi-autonomous.
An autonomous car is an autonomous vehicle capable of fulfilling the human transportation capabilities of a traditional car.

As an autonomous vehicle, it is capable of sensing its environment and navigating without human input.
Transmitting Antennae
Embedded circuits and radio controllers
Detector Circuits
Special Radio Receivers
Audible And Visual Warning Devices
Electronically Controlled Highways
Powered And Controlled By Buried Cables
Wayside Communicators Relaying Computer Messages

laser radar, computer vision and autonomous robotic control
off-road map and sensor-based autonomous navigation
Extensive systems engineering work and research
video cameras on board and use of stereoscopic vision algorithms
Real-Time Control System
Artificial Intelligence
GPS, Lidar, 3D mapping, cameras, Sensors, etc.

Vehicle Hardware
Wheel Speed Sensors

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