The Basic of Online Business is always the content

Content is the King is always the leader. All of the content have keyword. Don't miss it.
Some of blogger using the best keyword to making the article. What ever they do, the just rewrite the old article. No something new.
Copy paste, is bad, but sometime is good for idea.
Do you want to make different way to show the article. Its ok. But thing to make your idea, your opinion. People can interest about you.
I know, I am not clever than you. But just making the best I can do to write something, take original picture, and making my own video.
What is kind of the topic?
Read.. and read. What is the trend..
Its about you... try something you interest and you are professional on that topic.
That can be your content. Original content.
After that try to get the best keyword for your content.
This is my sample video.. not the best.. but I try to make its original.

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