President Joko Widodo finally review the road Trans Papua by Motor Bike

Close the visit works in Papua, President Joko Widodo finally review directly the development of the road Trans Papua. But there is an interesting thing which turned out to be done by the former governor of DKI Jakarta is in his visit.

Reported Seconds, this divisions along the way as far as 7 kilometers with the height of the 3,300 mdpl. Arriving at the end point, President Jokowi and others see around the hill country and pointed toward the path that will later be opened. The way Trans Papua later connecting Wamena with Nduga.

In order to reach the location of the numbered difficult, President Jokowi together with the Minister of Public Works Basuki Hadimulyono, the TNI commander General Gatot Nurmantyo and Chief of Staff of the Army General TNI Mulyono reported long convoy driving the motor trail in the way that reviewed is a shaft Wamena-Mamugu 1 in Wamena, of Jayawijaya.

Although admitted difficulty, but according to President Jokowi, with along the way of using the motor, it so know more than the level of difficulty of this project. He also knew where the point that needs to be repaired, "If rose trail, seen clearly the difficulties. We will try to see in this field. New it up, try imagine that building," said Jokowi.

Meanwhile, when going along the path Trans Papua, Jokowi seen wearing jackets green with red and white emblem, helmets that have a small camera to record, and do not forget to wear shoes boat. The motor trail Kawasaki/rocked also be counted black berpelat special RI-1.

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