Seo without nice keyword is nothing

Do you want to be the first listing on search engine with your seo strategy? I think always yes. Cause with that statement you will get more traffic on yout blog pages. What is your jobs to do that? SEO strategy is the answer. Search engine optimizer most popular topic to explore. Search Engine Result Page on the beside. Webmaster and programmer take a long time and much time to improve they script and optimizer they target market to make their costumer, happy. They hope with scripting, as SEO Technology can make the website better in rangk and have more revenue. Web store more get traffic and probability to sell their product will increase.
This is the conculiton about seo. You can make more seo if you dont have nice keyword. Cause Nice keyword is the popular keyword to get result on more people. You must think about seo target. What is the the target? to be number one on the targetable "nice keyword".
What ever your keyword. YOu must have. Cause SEO without keyword is nothing.
You can develop technology on seo and have compare on relative keyword.

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